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Difficult Conversations during the Holidays

TLDR: Ann hasn’t quite figured it out herself, but she’s here with some helpful resources That’s right, we are approaching another year of holidays and we know that while the season can be filled with joy, love, and festivities, stress and anxiety can also run high. It’s also a time that families and friends might […]

Team member spotlight: Dawn Payne with a new perspective on coaching

Coaching: An eye-opening experience Just as I was deciding to come out of retirement from my nursing career, my daughter was looking for some extra help in her reception department, so I joined Taproot – and yes, I’m Erica’s mom.  As part of my onboarding, I had the opportunity to observe a coaching session with […]

Recovering Academic Joins Taproot

Taproot team member spotlight: Ann Burke, PhD Hi, My name is Ann and I am a recovering academic. My beginnings. I grew up in Crystal Falls, grateful for the sense of community I learned. Excited to go out into the world, I always kept my home town in mind. In fact, my best teachers at […]