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Team member spotlight: Dawn Payne with a new perspective on coaching

Coaching: An eye-opening experience

Just as I was deciding to come out of retirement from my nursing career, my daughter was looking for some extra help in her reception department, so I joined Taproot – and yes, I’m Erica’s mom.  As part of my onboarding, I had the opportunity to observe a coaching session with Erica and the experience was eye-opening! Prior to observing a Taproot coaching session, I was mostly familiar with traditional law firms. The difference between my experiences in traditional law firms and what I observed on a remote coaching call are noteworthy, which is why I wanted to share my experience and opinion with you.

Legal services without the stress and discomfort

The last time I visited a traditional lawyer’s office, I found myself in a setting that was intimidating and somewhat uncomfortable and stressful. The overriding busyness of the traditional setting was distracting and I found myself wanting to listen to the buzz without focusing on why I was in the law office in the first place–truly not a good time to be distracted when important information is being shared. It felt sort of like the fast-paced and often stressful discharge process at a hospital I used to experience as a nurse.

Now, sitting in on a remote coaching call with Erica, I realized I was not feeling the same uncomfortable feelings that I experienced while in a traditional law office. Instead, the atmosphere was pleasant and even quiet, not distracting. The first meeting with Erica is about thirty minutes, and the time goes by fast. Time is spent between Erica and the client setting up goals and understanding what needs to be done going forward, to ultimately reach those goals.

The beauty of Taproot Law’s practice is the collaboration between Erica and the client. The client is just as responsible, in some respects, with meeting these goals as the lawyer. Keeping the client engaged in this process helps decrease the anxiety they may have, using shared documents and step-by-step instructions.

Observing this coaching session allowed me to see how it can really work. Coming from a more traditional mind-set, this experience helped me to gain perspective, recognizing how old, traditional ways can fall away, leaving new innovations, like coaching, to more effectively take their place. I’m glad I was able to observe first-hand what a coaching call is like, which makes me even more excited to be part of the Taproot team and help our clients!

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If you’re interested in getting legal help without the stress and discomfort of going to a traditional law firm, give us a call at 906-284-8426–I’ll be standing by! You can also visit our website for more details on services and pricing.