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You don’t always need a lawyer, but figuring out which information is reliable can be overwhelming! Here are some other resources that may help you reach your goals.

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The Time is Now

Many people are reluctant or scared to ask their neighbors for help. What surprises them is that most neighbors are happy to help complete these projects, especially with old, family friends! Waiting until a problem arises is tempting, but we give up so much control by giving in. The relationship with your neighbor could change. Or your neighbor could change entirely. Have the difficult conversation and take the first step to accomplishing your goal of resolving the access project now so your kids don’t have to do it later. Check out our Taproot: Make-It-Legal Services when you’re ready to put it in writing.

Unfortunately, no.

Your aunt’s power of attorney cannot sign the bonds after she dies because they terminate at death. I always visualize the power of attorney document vanishing in a puff of smoke as soon as the grantor of the power of attorney dies. After death, the bonds can later be cashed through the probate process (because she died owning the bonds alone). This is hard work, espeially when we help people who choose to manage their money differently than we would. Sometimes problems arise when the helper confuses a bad financial decision with the inability to make financial decisions (i.e., incapacity). It can be a bit stressful and emotional making it more of a trap. You didn’t fall in that trap. I appreciate the respect and dignity you show her in figuring out ways to accomplish both your goals. Thank you!