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How I’m Doing

While trimming flowers, an old friend walked by and stopped to ask how I was doing. He read my blog article from a few weeks ago, “The UP Tour kicks off with a visit home,” about my search for a healthier way to be a lawyer and the creation of Taproot. “It sounded kind of […]

The UP Tour kicks off with a visit home

Taproot recently sponsored the Bass Festival in Crystal Falls to start my UP Tour. This was a special way to kick off the tour because it started in my hometown. In addition to going to the Bassfest, I was also able to see familiar faces at my 20th high school reunion. I was welcomed home and got […]

Recovering Academic Joins Taproot

Taproot team member spotlight: Ann Burke, PhD Hi, My name is Ann and I am a recovering academic. My beginnings. I grew up in Crystal Falls, grateful for the sense of community I learned. Excited to go out into the world, I always kept my home town in mind. In fact, my best teachers at […]