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Where real estate meets the legal system: Gamifying together to better understand client needs

A collaboration opportunity  Dickinson County realtor, Katie Cascioli, and I get together for dinner every few months. Since the beginning of time, she’s been my cousin-from-another-grandma. Our dads were besties, and we grew up together. As adults, we are friends and colleagues. We talk about everything from business to philosophy. No matter where the conversation […]

Taproot now offers basic estate planning services

In law school, I wanted to do estate planning. After focusing on that work for a year, I didn’t enjoy the process and was quickly romanced by the world of real estate litigation. Because I did estate planning, I knew how to read a will or a trust, so I applied my new litigation skills […]

Your Questions Answered: Suing a sibling-personal representative for information

We love getting your questions! After Erica’s last blog post “The power struggle between siblings in probate is real,” we received the following question. We hope Erica’s response helps readers who have similar questions!   Dear Erica,  My dad passed away and my sister is the personal representative. The probate is opened, but she won’t give […]

The power struggle between siblings in probate is real

The stories of power struggle between siblings are too many to count. In 2023, the struggle continues to be played out in our probate courts and behind closed doors. The system needs vast revamping to better meet the needs and generally valid concerns of the siblings who are not Personal Representatives (PRs).  But to work […]

Moving away from perfectionism toward human prosperity

Perfectionism and harm At Taproot, we love our podcasts, especially when they help us improve our work and services. A couple weeks ago, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, People I (Mostly) Admire, which hosted Psychologist Thomas Curran to talk about perfectionism. Curran explained that perfectionism is “a universally negative trait”, and […]

Your Questions Answered

In response to the blog article “The Truth about Free Initial Consultations”, we were asked: Erica, I read your blog article about free initial consultations where you noted that lawyers typically charge $205 to $350 per hour. How are the $205/hour lawyers compared to the $350/hour lawyers? Thanks, Just Asking   Dear Just Asking: Such a […]

Beyond Plain Language: Meeting the complex needs of our clients and their values through accessible communication and tools

Some history In the late 1970s, the “plain language” or “plain English” methodology of professional communication swept the legal profession as a social justice remedy to increase access to information about the law. The methodology stresses writing in plain English and with the intention of clearly communicating to a specific audience, so they immediately understand […]

How I’m Doing

While trimming flowers, an old friend walked by and stopped to ask how I was doing. He read my blog article from a few weeks ago, “The UP Tour kicks off with a visit home,” about my search for a healthier way to be a lawyer and the creation of Taproot. “It sounded kind of […]