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You’ve asked! We’re responding: This is what coaching is all about!

Individual coaching sessions and short-term representation are the highlights of Taproot’s human-centered Coaching Services. We offer this service to people with concerns relating to:

    • Easement/Access Dispute Litigation and Resolution
    • Probate Estate Administration

Here’s how it works! A client pays a flat-fee ($325) for a one-hour coaching session with me to discuss their legal concerns and:

  1. Identify client’s goals and values.
  2. Options to advance the clients’ interests.
  3. Strategy for addressing the legal concerns after the session.

There is more to the process; at the heart of it, coaching is provided for people who need (1) information to take the next step and (2) a system or process to follow when they complete that next step.

After a coaching session, most people have enough information to resolve their concerns on their own. Some will come back for more coaching ($300). For others, long-term legal services is necessary.

We love working with coaching clients on long-term basis. If we are a good fit and our calendar is open, we provide long-term services in the areas of:

    • Easement/Access Dispute Litigation and Resolution Services
    • Informal Probate Estate Administration

For long-term services we do not provide, we will provide referrals to outside firms or other outside organizations. We try to match clients with organizations that we have had positive experiences with and share similar values with Taproot Law.

Thanks for your interest! Looking forward to working with you or your clients in my next coaching sessions. Happy weekend!