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Legal Coaching: A one-year anniversary promotion during March!

Taproot Law is redefining the role of general-practice law in the rural communities of the UP. Last summer, we began reaching out to communities that had few lawyers serving the area. We received warm welcomes, full workshops, and invitations to return. As we celebrate our first year at Taproot, we also want to celebrate you […]

Taproot loves our pets! Tips on how to include them in your estate planning

Don’t forget your pets in your estate planning! Sometimes our pets do outlive us or we can’t take care of them if we become incapacitated. In either of those events, it’s important to include how they should be cared for and by whom to avoid possible contention and disputes between the human loved ones who will inherit […]

Green Space: We love our pets and an interview with Dr. Brauer (Marquette)

Pet planning, Aging with Aging Dogs, Dog Bite Protocol with Dr. Edward G. Brauer III (Marquette Veterinary Clinic) We started the year with divorce month, and the story of my divorce settlement: I got the dog, and he got the cash. During February, we’re covering the things we love in our blog posts, and we are […]

Check your estate plan after divorce!

What does an estate actually mean? Have you noticed that lawyers use the word “estate” a lot? Probate estates, trust estate, marital estates, etc. An estate refers to a certain bucket of total assets and debts, and there are special rules that apply to that bucket. The rights of different estates are interwoven, and a […]

Green Space: Erica interviews Amanda Knaffla, J.D., CTFA, Range Bank, Marquette

Earlier this week, I wrote about ways Taproot Law can support unmarried couples with estate planning kits. Our latest Green Space article features Amanda Knaffla, J.D., CTFA who is the Chief Trust & Wealth Management Officer at Range Bank in Marquette. Amanda is also an attorney who previously practiced in the area of estate planning. […]