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Taproot’s Favorite Things: Our 2023 book recommendations

We’ve written here before about the books and podcasts that shape our work and thinking here at Taproot. In the spirit of the season, this week’s blog post features a few of our favorite things that you might pick up for your holiday reading or gift to someone else! Erica’s favorite thing: Lawyer Forward by […]

Difficult Conversations during the Holidays

TLDR: Ann hasn’t quite figured it out herself, but she’s here with some helpful resources That’s right, we are approaching another year of holidays and we know that while the season can be filled with joy, love, and festivities, stress and anxiety can also run high. It’s also a time that families and friends might […]

Team member spotlight: Dawn Payne with a new perspective on coaching

Coaching: An eye-opening experience Just as I was deciding to come out of retirement from my nursing career, my daughter was looking for some extra help in her reception department, so I joined Taproot – and yes, I’m Erica’s mom.  As part of my onboarding, I had the opportunity to observe a coaching session with […]

Moving away from perfectionism toward human prosperity

Perfectionism and harm At Taproot, we love our podcasts, especially when they help us improve our work and services. A couple weeks ago, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, People I (Mostly) Admire, which hosted Psychologist Thomas Curran to talk about perfectionism. Curran explained that perfectionism is “a universally negative trait”, and […]

Your Questions Answered

In response to the blog article “The Truth about Free Initial Consultations”, we were asked: Erica, I read your blog article about free initial consultations where you noted that lawyers typically charge $205 to $350 per hour. How are the $205/hour lawyers compared to the $350/hour lawyers? Thanks, Just Asking   Dear Just Asking: Such a […]

Beyond Plain Language: Meeting the complex needs of our clients and their values through accessible communication and tools

Some history In the late 1970s, the “plain language” or “plain English” methodology of professional communication swept the legal profession as a social justice remedy to increase access to information about the law. The methodology stresses writing in plain English and with the intention of clearly communicating to a specific audience, so they immediately understand […]

Human-Centered Maternity Leave?

This summer I had a life-changing experience, something as common and old as the moon and yet a miracle all the same. My husband and I had a baby. July 8th our lives were forever changed when our precious little girl was born. Thankfully the nine months leading up to it, gave us time to […]

How I’m Doing

While trimming flowers, an old friend walked by and stopped to ask how I was doing. He read my blog article from a few weeks ago, “The UP Tour kicks off with a visit home,” about my search for a healthier way to be a lawyer and the creation of Taproot. “It sounded kind of […]

The UP Tour kicks off with a visit home

Taproot recently sponsored the Bass Festival in Crystal Falls to start my UP Tour. This was a special way to kick off the tour because it started in my hometown. In addition to going to the Bassfest, I was also able to see familiar faces at my 20th high school reunion. I was welcomed home and got […]