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Difficult Conversations during the Holidays

TLDR: Ann hasn’t quite figured it out herself, but she’s here with some helpful resources That’s right, we are approaching another year of holidays and we know that while the season can be filled with joy, love, and festivities, stress and anxiety can also run high. It’s also a time that families and friends might […]

Where real estate meets the legal system: Gamifying together to better understand client needs

A collaboration opportunity  Dickinson County realtor, Katie Cascioli, and I get together for dinner every few months. Since the beginning of time, she’s been my cousin-from-another-grandma. Our dads were besties, and we grew up together. As adults, we are friends and colleagues. We talk about everything from business to philosophy. No matter where the conversation […]

Team member spotlight: Dawn Payne with a new perspective on coaching

Coaching: An eye-opening experience Just as I was deciding to come out of retirement from my nursing career, my daughter was looking for some extra help in her reception department, so I joined Taproot – and yes, I’m Erica’s mom.  As part of my onboarding, I had the opportunity to observe a coaching session with […]

Your Questions Answered: Suing a sibling-personal representative for information

We love getting your questions! After Erica’s last blog post “The power struggle between siblings in probate is real,” we received the following question. We hope Erica’s response helps readers who have similar questions!   Dear Erica,  My dad passed away and my sister is the personal representative. The probate is opened, but she won’t give […]

The Truth about Free Initial Consultations

Free initial consultations can be tempting, especially when you think you’re getting free advice from an expert. Unfortunately, these kinds of consultations don’t usually turn out that way. The truth about the free initial consultation is that it is a tool that lawyers use to size up a potential client for a long-term relationship. The […]

Tech at Taproot: Sometimes it’s not all its cracked up to be

TLDR: Virtual receptionist companies are out for now! We adjusted our process based on feedback from our clients and as a result, Chrissandra Haara (Gladstone) is joining our team as Taproot’s receptionist! Is tech always a good thing? I’m interested in technology and how it will benefit the Taproot team and clients. So, when I […]


You’ve asked! We’re responding: This is what coaching is all about! Individual coaching sessions and short-term representation are the highlights of Taproot’s human-centered Coaching Services. We offer this service to people with concerns relating to: Easement/Access Dispute Litigation and Resolution Probate Estate Administration Here’s how it works! A client pays a flat-fee ($325) for a one-hour […]